Innovative green mould production

Pauger is revolutionizing high-performance sailboat construction with an eye toward environmental sustainability. Our innovative green mould production technology significantly reduces waste and enhances precision, setting a new standard in the industry. Traditionally, creating an IMOCA 60 hull plug required 120 m³ of foam, a material that’s challenging to recycle. With our new method, we use just 8 m³ of MDF wood, which is easily reusable. This approach not only minimizes waste but also ensures superior surface quality. The mould is directly infused on the machined plug surface, eliminating the need for fairing and requiring only two layers of high-build primer for a race-ready finish. Our precision is unmatched, with the plug and boat conforming to 3D drawings within an impressive ±2 mm accuracy, regardless of size, thanks to our 3D laser projection system. For prepreg applications, we use carbon-epoxy-balsa core-sandwich, while for vacuum applications, we utilize glass fiber-epoxy-balsa core-sandwich. Pauger is committed to pushing the boundaries of sailing performance while championing eco-friendly practices.

Our 5-axis portal milling machine has a working area of 22 m x 3 m x 1.5 m.  It is used for milling moulds for hulls, decks as well as making precise  rigging cutouts on the mast tubes.

Another, smaller 3 axis CNC is used for milling plugs and moulds for smaller components, as well as producing bulkheads from heat-pressed sandwich panels.

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