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The unique technology introduced by Pauger made our top quality carbon masts, booms, vangs and spinnaker poles a serious and cost effective option to replace alloy rigging.

Monohull Yachts

Multihull Yachts

Standard mast specification:

  • Material: high-strength carbon fibre pre-preg
  • Production technology: female moulding, with internal pressure bag at 5 bar, cured at 100°C
  • Polyurethane painted finish (standard colour: mat black)
  • Sail attachment: bonded carbon mainsail groove or aluminium mainsail track of customer’s choice
  • Carbon masthead and carbon spreaders
  • Uniform and durable, maintenance-free fittings
  • CNC-machined cut-outs for the fittings
  • Python© dyform or rod standing rigging

For more info, please download our mast brochure and mast catalogue.

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