Pauger produces complete high performance carbon composite racing boats and carbon composite rigs for boatyards and directly to end users. Pauger is the proud manufacturer of the RC44 fleet, which consists of 28 boats, Nandor Fa’s Imoca 60 (Spirit of Hungary), Nomad VI a 50 footer foiler catamaran and Black Pepper’s carbon boats Code 2, Code 1, Code #, Code 0. Currently the yard is working on a new Imoca 60, designed by Sam Manuard.

The Pauger plant is a 3.000 m2 facility near Budapest with three separate hangars (lamination, painting and assembling). The yard is equipped with a CNC machining shop including a 25 m long five-axis CNC machine, a 3d laser projector and a huge oven. Beyond that it accommodates the offices of Pauger Carbon.