Pauger is the sole builder of all the 29 pieces of RC 44 full carbon racer. We were involved in the development of the RC 44 too, elaborating on many custom solutions with Sir Russel Coutts. The yacht is equipped with carbon kiel fin with trim tab.

The production started in 2008. The variation in the weight is within +/- 5 kg among all the 29 hulls and #30 build in ongoing.

The majority of RC44s are built with a carbon outlook – an achievement in itself – ensuring the perfect conformity to the one-design specifications. Furthermore, as the boat is built with infusion technology (one-shot infusion developed with SP Systems) a very high standard of preparation and accuracy is constant expectation.

The very close relationship and teamwork between designer and builder resulted in an outstanding performance with great efficiency. Only a small number of prototype boats has been built to give a fine-tuned racing yacht.

Boat dimensions

  • LOA: 13,35 m
  • B max: 2,75 m
  • Draft: 2,90 m
  • Displacement: 3460 kg
  • Keel: 2010 kg
  • Crew: 450 kg

RC44 actual