50-80ft boats:

Pauger has developed a unique technology to produce high-quality carbon fiber rigging; masts, booms, spinnaker poles and bow-sprits at a reasonable price level not only for top racing boats but also for cruisers from 20’ to 60’. Composite technology is an affordable option from Pauger Carbon.

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Some of the rigs we made so far are:

Two years ago, we chose a Pauger mast and were thoroughly impressed with the performance. Now, we’ve upgraded our Ni50 standing rigging to Pauger Carbon rods, and the difference is astonishing. The carbon rods are significantly lighter and offer much greater tensile strength, with a noticeably lower drag coefficient. This upgrade has taken our sailing experience to a whole new level. A big thank you to Pauger Carbon for continuing to deliver such outstanding innovations!


Boats, that are using Pauger masts in the range of 50-80ft: